I've been keeping my eye on a Kickstart project called Homey, made by Athom. They're a Dutch startup that are aiming to create an ultimate solution to home automation, also called domotica. At the time of writing, April 2016, they've managed to get their first hardware version out to the public, and it is quite impressive, with the ability to do WiFi, Zigbee, Z-Wave, infrared, and even radio frequence 433MHz and 868MHz. This opens up access to a whole range of hardware.

Their way of working with all these systems is to create 'apps' that they have in their Homey App Store that offer support for specific devices. For example if you have a Roomba Thinking Cleaner, you grab that app, install it on your Homey, and suddenly your system supports the Roomba Thinking Cleaner. It uses WiFi but you don't have to worry about that part. Similarly RF controlled sockets and switches can be connected as long as there's an app for it. And if there isn't, it's even possible to make your own using NodeJS, which is fairly high-level and thus easy to work with programming language.

Normally the Homey comes only in white. I wanted mine in black. So I grabbed some paint and got to work. Here's the original white, and the black version.

homey whitehomey black

Click to see what the Homey looks like on the inside, and the disassembly process here.